Philosophy and Science Department
Xiao Ping

Xiao Ping, is an ethics professor in Philosophy and History Research Institue of Shool of Humanities. She is also a doctoral supervisor. Her research orientation is applied ethics and characteristic study: engineering ethics. She was appointed as executive member of National Ethics Society, executive member of Sub-society of National ethnical ethics. She is honored as the reserve candidate for Science and Technology leaders of Sichuan Province, expert of excellence with outstanding contribution of Sichuan Province, and member of expert review committee (201405).

Since 1993, Xiao Ping has hosted 3 projects of National Social Science Fund and participated in another 3; she also hosted 2 Sichuan provincial philosophy and social science research projects and participated in 3 education reform research projects funded by provincial ministries. More than 10 monographs and textbooks by her were published; over 60 essays were written. She won 1 second award and 3 tird award issued by provincial government. There is 1 ongoing National Social Science Fund: moral life history of Qiang People.

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